News From The Naomi Foundation

The Naomi Foundation recently spoke with Dr. Hannah Pollin-Galay about her newest book, “Ecologies of Witnessing: Language, Place, and Holocaust Testimony.” Dr. Pollin-Galay is a Senior Lecturer in Literature at Tel Aviv University, with a specialization in Yiddish literature and culture. The Naomi Foundation is proud to have partnered with Tel Aviv University to create this […]

Meet Meng Yang. After attending the 2015 Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv University, Meng produced the first Chinese-Yiddish song known to history. Meng – a Chinese national fluent in English and German – decided to learn Hebrew and Yiddish while working on her Ph.D. dissertation exploring Jewish exile in Shanghai […]

The Naomi Foundation congratulates Tel-Aviv University’s Dr. Oded Hod on the publication of his research in the journal, Nature Materials. You might not know what robust microscale superlubricity is, but you probably understand the role of friction in our lives. “Who doesn’t know what friction is?,” remarked Dr. Oded Hod in his Kadar Family Award […]

The Naomi Foundation and Tel Aviv University are proud to announce the 2018 recipients of the Kadar Family Award for Outstanding Research. These senior and junior level professors at Tel Aviv University have achieved the highest levels of distinction with their pioneering research. They will be filming video clips about their projects (stay tuned – […]

Eddy Portnoy shocked and dazzled a crowd of about eighty Yiddishists, Yiddish enthusiasts, and students at the annual Naomi Prawer Kadar Memorial Lecture at Columbia University. After words by the Naomi Foundation’s Maya Kadar Kovalsky and an introduction by Columbia’s Jeremy Dauber, Portnoy spoke about “Bad Rabbis, Brawlers, Psychics, and Thieves: Sensationalism in the Yiddish […]

Dr. Hannah Pollin-Galay will join the Literature Department of Tel Aviv University in 2018 as Senior Lecturer in Literature with specialization in Yiddish literature and culture. Dr. Pollin-Galay is an interdisciplinary scholar of Holocaust and Memory Studies. Currently a visiting professor at U-Mass Amherst, Dr. Pollin Galay has held positions at U-Penn, the United States […]

Mazal tov to the recipients of the Kadar Family Award for Outstanding Research at Tel Aviv University! The 2017 recipients are as follows:   Prof. Oded Hod  of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Chemistry, Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences Learn about professor Hod’s research on friction at nanoscale interfaces here.       […]

The Naomi Foundation is delighted to announce the creation of six new Yiddish summer-study scholarships in 2017 for Yiddish students at Columbia University (CU), Barnard College and the Jewish Theological Seminary. The Naomi Prawer Kadar Fellowship provides students with the opportunity to study in The Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv […]

On November 29 in Jerusalem, The Israel Sci-Tech School Network (ORT Israel), a grantee of the Naomi Foundation, hosted The First Global Start-Up Education Conference Powered by iSTEAM – Ort Israel. The conference brought together a diverse group of stakeholders including dignitaries, teachers, students, academia, funders, and members of industry, and hinged on the relationship […]

The Naomi Foundation is delighted to announce that it is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 year for projects in the following areas: innovative education and teacher training, Yiddish in academic and scholarly settings, and scientific and medical research. The deadline for submitting applications is February 1, 2017, and applicants will be notified of their […]