The Mitzraf Approach in Special Education

The Naomi Foundation is proud to partner with Manor-Cabri to train teachers and transform school environments through research-based learning. Their Mitzraf program helps principals and teachers create a different teaching and learning experience, narrow educational gaps and provide equal opportunities to every school student.

In 2018 the Mitzraf approach was implemented for the first time in a special education elementary school. Students with learning disabilities were introduced to research-based learning while studying Israel’s 70th anniversary.

Ofir Gryman, a graduate student from Oranim College of Education, under the supervision of faculty member Gilat Cohen, Ph.D., conducted research on teacher perceptions of research-based learning in a special education setting. Most of the educators interviewed were initially skeptical about the suitability of research-based learning for students with learning disabilities. Following the eight-week pilot, however, all but one of the interviewees changed their attitude about the appropriateness of the Mitzraf approach for their students

Teachers emphasized that the introduction of project-based learning needs to be a gradual process for students with learning challenges, and integrated into only one part of the curriculum at a time. However, they were motivated to continue implementing the new approach.

Homeroom teachers especially felt that more traditional teaching methods were not meeting the individual needs of students. The new approach to learning was highly meaningful for these teachers, who commented that it helped them to rediscover their students’ strengths and abilities in new ways.