Jonathan Sarna and the First Female Jewish-American Novelist

Professor Jonathan Sarna delivered remarks about his research about Cora Wilburn, the largely unknown author, and as Sarna put it, the first female Jewish-American novelist. He spoke at the Columbia School of Journalism’s Pulitzer Hall to a packed audience which included students, scholars, Yiddish enthusiasts, and others eager to hear Professor Sarna speak about an area of personal interest to him.

His lecture, which can be viewed here, was given as part of the annual Naomi Prawer Kadar Memorial Lecture at Columbia University on April 3, 2019. in the lecture, Prof. Sarna tells about his research journey and gives the audience an glimpse into Wilburn’s life and work. Nadav Kadar and Prof. Jeremy Dauber welcomed the crowd and delivered introductory remarks.
Columbia’s Naomi Yiddish Fellows with members of the Naomi Foundation





Nadav Kadar delivers introductory remarks