Naomi Professorship in Yiddish Studies at Hebrew University

A top level Yiddish teaching and research position at Hebrew University.

This professorship, at one of Israel’s oldest and most prestigious universities, is dedicated, as Naomi herself was, to improving the level of Yiddish scholarship in Israel. The visiting professorship in Yiddish Studies is given to those who have achieved the highest level of distinction in careers of Yiddish scholarship. The professor teaches classes to undergraduates and graduates and works with other academics in Yiddish Studies – History, Language, and Literature, at Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and throughout the country and world to increase the study and scholarship of Yiddish.

Professor Dovid Roskies was named the first Naomi Professor in Yiddish Studies, and he is currently teaching, researching, and working closely with leaders in Israel and around the world to bring the highest quality Yiddish instruction and opportunities to students and scholars in Israel.