Columbia and TAU Yiddish Study Abroad Info Session

Columbia students gathered for an intimate reception to celebrate and exchange information about the Naomi Prawer Kadar International Yiddish Summer Program at Tel Aviv University, which was recently added to the Columbia Study Abroad List of Officially Approved Programs.

Thanks in large part to the efforts of Columbia’s new hire, Professor Agi Legutko, Lecturer in Yiddish & Director of the Yiddish Language Program, Columbia has been bolstering its Yiddish programming by providing additional and interdisciplinary classes, hosting a variety of Yiddish-themed events, and engaging and connecting students with more opportunities to study Yiddish through Columbia. Student participation and interest in Yiddish language and culture at Columbia have sharply increased.

At the info session for Columbia undergraduate and graduate students, Sara Ede, Associate Director of the Office of Global Programs and Fellowships at Columbia, Jodi Zaffino, Fellowships Coordinator and student financial aid advisor, and Lindsey Bodner, Executive Director of the Naomi Foundation spoke about the exciting prospect of learning Yiddish in Tel Aviv over the summer – and the logistics that make it possible.

The Naomi Yiddish Program in Tel Aviv provides students with the opportunity to learn Yiddish in an intensive 4 week academic program. Approximately 110 students from all over the world attend classes, lectures, and a variety of organized activities five days a week at this rigorous university program. On weekends, students have free time or can attend university trips around Israel’s Northern region, the Dead Sea area, and Jerusalem at low or no cost. The Naomi Yiddish Program provides classes for all levels from absolute beginner several  intermediate levels and advanced classes for true experts.

The Columbia University Study Abroad Office makes it easy to get credit for programs on its approved list and happily walks students through the application process and provides support for them before, during, and after their time abroad.

Perhaps one of the most encouraging things to come from this session was information the Harvey Krueger Global Experience Fellowships , a fellowship opportunity for students wishing to study in Israel or Poland. Students can learn about other financial aid options through the Office of Financial Aid or by contacting Ms. Zafino.