A Storm Within: The Creation of Yiddish Children’s Literature

On Tuesday, November 10, over 130 participants joined the Institute for Jewish and Israel Studies at Columbia University for the Annual Naomi Prawer Kadar Memorial Lecture with Professor Miriam Udel.  Professor Udel spoke about the the creation of Yiddish children’s literature. Using literature to address children directly at a time of political upheaval and possibility across the Yiddish-speaking world, Yiddish cultural leaders forged a novel pathway toward building a modern Jewish nation. Professor Udel spoke about her extensive research on a topic that references and builds on Naomi’s own scholarship. Professor Udel recently published, Honey on the Page, an anthology of Yiddish children’s literature which she curated and translated.

The lecture can be viewed here.

Miriam Udel is an Associate Professor of Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture in the German Studies department at Emory University, co-appointed in Emory’s Tam Institute for Jewish Studies.